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Spatchcock/Butterflied Turkey follow-up

Monday, November 28, 2011

After Thanksgiving I went to the grocery store and found that they had turkeys on sale for $5 each. The fresh ones, the frozen ones, large and small. FIVE BUCKS! I found the two fresh ones that were labeled free-range organic. Score!

I certainly didn’t have room in the freezer of our side-by-side fridge for even one turkey, so I roasted them both yesterday. At the same time. In my regular-size home oven.

I butterflied them, put them on two large insulated cookie sheets, salted them and rubbed them with olive oil, and put them in the oven at 450 degrees. After 40 minutes I switched shelves and rotated them. Another 40 minutes and I pulled them out. I checked the temperature (since it’s hard to believe they’d be done so quickly) and pulled them out. The original recipe only called for 70 minutes, but I added 10 because I was doing two at once and wanted to allow for that and the switching shelves and rotating thing I was doing.

I let them cool quite a bit–more than one would on Thanksgiving–and then easily carved them so I could pack them in FoodSaver packs to pop in the freezer.

It was simple and the results were delicious. I may never roast a turkey any other way again! The claim is true. (And, of course, this would be a great way to grill a turkey.)

And… I had the bones from two carcasses with which to make stock.

*This is a follow-up to my original post, What’s for [Thanksgiving] dinner.

NOTE: I also got a half of a fresh ham for $8. It’s also in a FoodSaver package in the freezer. One of these days it’ll go in the smoker. More on that later.

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